What is Private Labeling

private label productsFrom baby ointments to shampoos and other products, private labeling is an accessible and affordable option for people looking to expand their business. Though many people might have heard of private labeling in the past, they might not understand exactly what it is or how it works. Romano Group’s team wants to break it down simply for you.

So, what is private labeling?

Put simply, a private label product is manufactured by a third-party, such as Romano Group, and sold under a retailer’s brand. Private labeling has been referred to as “phantom labeling” or “white labeling” and can be used in a variety of industries, such as skin care, hair care, vitamins, baby products, pet products, and more.

How does it work?

We can’t speak for all private label manufacturers out there, but we can tell you about our process and what it’s like working with Romano Group’s team.

First, you choose your products. We have a vast selection of proven formulas, or you can create custom formulas, as well. We want your products to be as personalized as possible to meet your customers’ needs.

Second, you choose your packaging. Similar to our products, we have a variety of in-house packaging designs, but also have access to other global packaging affiliates if you so choose.

Third, you design your logo/brand.

Whether you have a design already created or would like to work with our skilled team to create the images for your products, you will have the opportunity to create a unique branding experience for your line.

Once you’ve decided to make the leap, it’s time to give Romano Group a call! We follow strict guidelines and standards to meet the expectations of both our customers and their customers.

With more questions about private labeling, please contact our team at Romano Group today by calling (305) 255-4242.