Private Label Skin Care: Ingredients to Look For


Skin care is an essential part of your everyday routine. Our skin is one of the most essential organs in the human body. In addition to keeping out the bad, our skin is an excellent reflection of health. If you’re healthy, your skin will show it. Some skin care products are filled with beneficial ingredients, however. Choosing these can make your skin look it’s best. Make sure you check the labels of your private label skin care products to see if they contain some of the following ingredients.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is popping up everywhere. From using in place of traditional oils in cooking to using it to create face and hair masks, the proposed health benefits of using coconut oil are vast. It can help prevent sunburns, remove dead skin cells, and contain antioxidant properties. Using it on your skin as a makeup remover or moisturizer can help your skin look as healthy as ever.

Aloe Vera

Traditionally thought of like a soothing sunburn gel, the benefits of using aloe vera on your skin are far beyond just sunburn. Its soothing ingredients are packed with antibacterial power that is said to fight redness, inflammation, and itching. The leaf of the aloe vera plant offers benefits both from its gel-like center, as well as just below the leaf’s skin. Adding aloe vera into your private label skin care routine can make your skin more even toned and eliminate irritation.

Shea Butter

Cultivated and produced mainly in Africa, Shea butter is essential for moisture. It’s often less expensive than other counterparts but offers relief for itching, dryness, and flaking skin. Mixing it with essential oils creates a heavenly smelling, useful product.

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