Hurricane Preparedness Tips

As a business based in Miami, Florida, the team at Romano Group hopes every person in the surrounding area stayed safe from Hurricane Irma. In the wake of natural disasters, it’s comforting to know how many will offer a helping hand in a time of need. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the damages inflicted in the past weeks.

Though Irma has passed, hurricane season still continues forward. We would like to remind Florida residents of the many safety precautions they should take in order to ensure their welling being, as well as their family and other loved ones. With National Preparedness Month behind us, here are some more ways you can be ready:

  • Utilize online resources for your hurricane prep
  • Listen to your local officials requests and suggestions
  • In the event of an evacuation, have a plan of where you will go and stay. Local emergency officials can be contacted for planning assistance
  • Have a disaster supply kit ready to take at any time, this includes essential medications, first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, water, and extra clothing
  • In the event you stay in your home during a storm and are not requested to evacuate, be sure your home is supplied with basic necessities. This list can include generators, boarding of windows, securing rain gutters, and more
  • Have a family emergency communication plan
  • Sign up for local text or email alert systems to stay updated on the storm

The Romano Group team wishes everyone well and is thinking of all of those impacted by Irma and other impending hurricanes to potentially hit Florida’s coasts.