Contract Manufacturing for Private Label Baby Products

As more and more people become more conscious about what products they put in and on their bodies, it’s crucial to be abundantly clear of your ingredients. Especially in the world of private label baby products, parents are hypersensitive to what they expose their babies to. By employing a contract manufacturer to handle manufacturing, shipping, […]

Importance of Research and Development in Private Label Pet Products

Caring for pets is hard! They can’t speak like you and me, so sometimes it can be hard to determine their needs. Even worse, their diets can differ drastically from ours, so sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what you should be feeding them. You trust the manufacturer of your pet supplies to do their […]

Why You Should Outsource Manufacturing for Private Label Baby Ointments

Everyone’s an expert in something. Whether it’s rocket science or eating soup without any broth dribbling down your chin, we all have areas of expertise. If you’re a producer of private label baby ointments, it’s probably safe to bet that that is your specialty. You know exactly what kind of ingredients and fragrances to put […]

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing occurs when an entrepreneur or other hiring company outsources the manufacturing of all or part of their product to a manufacturing firm. You provide them with the formula or design, and they do the rest! At Romano Group, we specialize in various cosmetic products, such as skin and body care, hair care, baby […]

Finding Design Inspiration for Private Labeling

Once you hire Romano Group for private labeling, it’s time to get creative and figure out what you want your brand to project as it flies off of shelves. Finding your brand’s voice is crucial and helps you market your quality products to the masses. So, how do you figure out which design we should […]

Why Quality Control Matters

In the world of contract manufacturing, there are plenty of factors to bear in mind to get excellent results. A significant part of that, which Romano Group adheres to during every step of the way, is quality control. Outsiders may not see why quality control is such a big deal. However, it impacts everyone involved […]

Four Things To Look For In Contract Manufacturers

When you have a product that you want to get out to the masses, it can be a stressful experience to put all of the pieces together and get everything right. You want to ensure that the contract manufacturers you hire will do their job correctly. After all, you’re trusting them with your product and […]

Private Label Skin Care: Ingredients to Look For

  Skin care is an essential part of your everyday routine. Our skin is one of the most essential organs in the human body. In addition to keeping out the bad, our skin is an excellent reflection of health. If you’re healthy, your skin will show it. Some skin care products are filled with beneficial […]

What Ingredients to Avoid in Children’s Skincare

Providing skin care products for children is a lot different than offering them for adults. Take a look at what you need to keep in mind when considering children skin care products, and what ingredients you should avoid. It’s important to keep in mind that children tend to have weaker immune systems than adults. This […]

What Ingredients Should Be in Skincare Products?

There are a lot of ingredients that can go into skincare, and it can be difficult to know what’s good for the skin. Take a look at common ingredients and understand what should or shouldn’t be in your skincare. Ingredients you should have You’ll notice a common thread between these ingredients—they’re all natural substances that […]